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Gliding Club of Victoria - Tri-This 3 Flight Package
  • For 1 Person
  • 3 year validity
  • Instant electronic delivery
  • Organise timeslot after purchase

Soar like an eagle using only the energy Mother Nature provides, the performance of your aircraft and the skill of your pilot!

Your instructor will explain the features of our modern two-seater, dial-control sailplanes before strapping you in up front for the best all-round view. A powerful tow-plane tows you up to release height where you instructor releases the tow and your soaring experience begins.

Seeking out and circling in rising air currents (thermals), you climb on solar energy. Often, another glider or even an eagle will join you in the thermal. Gliding between thermals, your sailplane sinks at only 200 feet every minute as you search for the next one. All around you is a superb view of the Benalla city, farmlands and the nearby mountains.

At the end of the flight, the instructors bring you in for a gentle landing back at the airfield.

  • Aerotow launch behind a light plane to a height of 3,000ft (900m) above Benalla.
  • Having a go of the controls.
  • Gaining altitude in a thermal, using the sun's energy (conditions permitting)
  • Aerobatics may be available on the day for an extra $30.
  • Three flights of approximately 25-30 minutes each

We operate every weekend year-round and 7 days a week from November to mid-March. Please book in advance so you can be sure we’re operating and call the day before to ensure the weather is going to be suitable.

What to Bring

  • You’ll need a sun-hat (not too big), sunglasses and sun-screen; the Perspex canopy gives a great view but no shade.
  • Your camera for those great shots; a wrist or neck-strap is useful.
  • Your friends are welcome too.


  • Flight duration is subject to weather conditions and is not guaranteed.
  • The minimum passenger age is 8 years. Light-weight passengers may have to fly from the rear seat.
  • The maximum passenger weight is 100 kg. All aircraft have strict weight and balance limits and gliders are no exception.

GCV is the largest gliding club in Australia, located at Benalla in North east Victoria, just 2 hours up the Hume freeway from Melbourne. We have been operating for more than 80 years and are the leading Club in the Southern Hemisphere for cross-country racing.

We offer Air Experience Flights (AEFs) as an introduction to the thrill of gliding. All flights are in modern, two-seater gliders with experienced and skilled instructors. The area offers stunning views of Benalla, the surrounding farmlands, Winton racetrack and the nearby mountains.

Make a day of it with family and friends and visits to nearby wineries.

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